“The greatest triumph of our
method: to bring about the
spontaneous progress of a child.”
- The Montessori Method
Recent News & Events

We are proudly accepting enrollment for our (15mth. - 6yrs.) programs at our
Long Grove location and (3-6yrs) program at our Lincolnshire location
Open Year Round from 7:30am - 6:00pm Monday-Frida
Established in 1979 and with over 35 years of combined experience, Lincolnshire
Montessori School (LMS) and The Grove Montessori School (TGMS) have built a peaceful
community of children and adults.  As one of the most esteemed schools in the area, we
have fostered respect while harvesting an environment which gives the opportunity to
explore possibilities and develop the skills children need.

Lincolnshire and The Grove Montessori Schools aim to meet the academic, social,
emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs of young children fifteen months to six years of
age in a well prepared, enriching environment.

Our schools offer:

  • Organic Hot Lunch Menu
  • Pre-School/Kindergarten
  • Infant/Toddler
  • Full-Time/Part-Time  
  • All Day
  • Kindergarten Enrichment
  • Morning and Afternoon
  • Extended Day Programs
  • Summer Camp
  • Art, Spanish, Music & Yoga!

Independence, self discipline, problem-solving and the development of early academic
skills are nurtured in a beautiful, calm and loving environment. A community of peacemakers
is built by showing and teaching respect to one another. Our schools foster a community of
adults and children working together with the principle aim of helping children develop to
their own full personal potential.

We have adopted the Montessori philosophy as our way of life, and we use Montessori
methods to help us achieve our goals. We believe strongly that our students’ daily school
experience should be a happy and rewarding one. Eagerness to learn, learning for the joy of
learning and wanting to know as much about their world as possible is what we believe are
invaluable qualities that we can instill in our children.
At Lincolnshire & The Grove Montessori Schools,
we strive to provide a unique, supportive and respectful environment
that nurtures the spirit of your child
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The word education must not be
understood in the sense of teaching
but of assisting the psychological
development of the child.
- Dr. Maria Montessori
Lincolnshire & The Grove Montessori Schools
Family and parent participation are encouraged in an open-door observation
policy and in organized events.

Lincolnshire and The Grove Montessori School are certified by the American
Montessori Society (AMS), are members of the Association of Illinois
Montessori Schools (AIMS) and registered with the Illinois Board of

For More information or to schedule a visit, please call us at (847) 562-1662.